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carving an owl totem thingy
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okay so im a bit of a hippie but dont worry im very sensable and love listening. im a vegan but only bc im agianst factory farming and big industry. i support offgrid liveing, hunting ((for food not sport)) i belive in being self sufficiant. i think that humans and nature should live side by side and that we should honor the forest. animals are our brothers and sisters we rely on each other for survial. anyways thats a small look into my belife system if u wanna know more ask me it very closely echos native american spirituality. im an artist a sculpture major, i like working with bone wood and recycled material. i also love to garden and spend time in nature. im very very passionate and firey. if i feel strongly about something i canot be budged easily. but then other times im very timid and loveing. i love takeing care of baby animals. if there was a way to rly describe me ummmm nature my soul is nature lol. im crazy lol.
Religious views:
spiritual/christian/native american spirituality
Interested in:
Looking for:
hikeing, tree climbing, carveing, painting, sculpting, drawing, crafts makeing, sewing, gardeing, bikeing, horse bk rideing, daceing, star gazeing, camping, running
trees, stars, all animals and living things, peace, music, fun, music, art, running, dreams festivals
Favorite Music:
anything that resonates with the soul. i like folk, world, reggea, tribal. i rly rly like the sounds of primitive drums. i like djembes. and i also like wooden flutes. anything like that.
Favorite TV Shows:
i dont watch tv. except walking dead other then that no tv for me
Favorite Movies:
movies i like bc they show my beifes: last mohican and avatar cool movies: lotr, pirates of the caribean, avp.
Favorite Quotes:
"save a life or die trying" "give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish he eats for a life time" something like that "we are one"

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